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Canopy ventilation installers

Keep that air clean and pure with a canopy ventilation system from K & R Ventilation in Glasgow. Get in touch to discuss what you need.

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A tailored canopy solution

Our canopy ventilation service is 100% bespoke. We design it from the ground-up, manufacture the elements, install them and maintain them too, so that you have a canopy that’s in line with your individual requirements. The system can be supplemented with key features, whether it’s anything from a baffle filter to mitigate the risk of fire to a heat recovery system in order to quickly stabilise room temperature. It’s all carried out by an experienced team of specialists and our 24 hour availability means we can install it early in the morning or late at night, depending on what’s convenient to you. We abide by all relevant COVID-19 safety guidelines during the course of our work and we operate all over the Glasgow region. Start the process and call our team today.

Get rid of those air pollutants

From restaurants to hotel kitchens, there’s always a lot going on. With all that frying, poaching, grilling and baking, there’s a lot of impurities in the air that you need to get rid of in order to safeguard staff and customers. That means ventilation – so that anything that shouldn’t be in the air, from smoke to steam, is extracted and removed. That’s where one of our canopy ventilation systems comes into play.

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Protect that air and order a bespoke canopy ventilation system from K & R Ventilation today. Call 07946 075110!

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