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A properly designed and installed ductwork system is integral to the efficiency of any HVAC system. Our team at K & R Ventilation in Glasgow can put that ductwork in place.

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Ductwork built to your requirements

We provide a custom ductwork service at K & R Ventilation. Our team analyse the overall layout of your property and create a ductwork system that’s attuned to that layout, so that air is distributed as efficiently as possible. As specialists in the industry, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we have the skill set and resources to deliver an optimised ductwork system that will hopefully have a knock-on effect when it comes to your energy bills. Our 24 hour service is available whenever you need it and we adhere to all relevant COVID-19 safety guidelines. We take on work across the Glasgow region and provide a maintenance service too that will help you keep that ductwork system robust, efficient and in the right condition. Enquire today.

The key cog in your HVAC system

It’s the ductwork that transports air across your premises, whether it’s warm or cool. The ductwork material and how that ductwork is laid out is often central to the proper working of an HVAC system, rather than the unit that’s producing that air in the first place. If it’s not properly designed or installed then the efficiency of the overall system is the first element that’s compromised. You need a professional solution and our team at K & R Ventilation can provide it.

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Whether it’s a new system or the maintenance of an existing one, call our dependable team now on 07946 075110!

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