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Fresh air ventilation

Make sure that your workplace has plenty of fresh air with help from K & R Ventilation in Glasgow. We provide complete solutions for businesses all over the region. Get in touch today.

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Our team at K & R Ventilation can design and install a complete fresh air intake system for your business premises that’s 100% tailored to your business’s individual requirements. No matter what sector you operate in, we can provide the right bespoke solution. All equipment is supplied and set up and we can combine your new system with other elements, such as a heat recovery system, to make it that much more efficient. All work is carried out by our specialist team, who have a wealth of experience between them. We even operate on a 24 hour basis so that any installation is undertaken according to your own convenience. For your peace of mind, all relevant COVID-19 safety guidelines are followed and we take on projects across the Glasgow area. Call for a consultation today.

Get that outside air, in

Ventilated air is all well and good but if you’re not substituting it for fresh air, that tell tale staleness is going to be that much more apparent as the day wears on. And with the ongoing pandemic, the need for fresh air has become that much more critical when it comes to the workplace and the well-being of staff and customers. What’s required is regular recycling and the introduction of fresh air, automatically warmed or cooled depending on how you want your workplace climate to be at any given point. It’s what a fresh air intake system can provide.

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There’s no need to go out for fresh air with one of our fresh air intake systems. Call 07946 075110!

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