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Comprehensive ventilation service

For the design, installation and maintenance of an effective ventilation system, get in touch with our team at K & R Ventilation in Glasgow. We can provide the right solution.

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Why our HVAC team?

Here at K & R Ventilation, we can oversee the design, installation and maintenance of a ventilation system that’s perfectly attuned to your premises’ layout. It can even be modified as you see fit, so if you want heat recovery technology incorporated or the addition of energy-saving impellers for example, we can put those elements in place. Our team are all suitably skilled and experienced and we work on a 24 hour basis so that work can be completed efficiently and disruption to your business operations kept to a minimum. We abide by all applicable COVID-19 safety guidelines too – for your safety as well as ours – and we can take on any commercial project within a 50 mile radius of our Glasgow base. Get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you.

The importance of a ventilation system

Have you considered what a work environment would be like without a ventilation system? Take temperature. If it’s not maintained – especially in the winter months – then your heating system will routinely kick on to restore the balance. We know what that means for energy bills and keeping them on an even keel has rarely been so important. There’s also the build-up of air impurities, with dust and other allergens accumulating and never being removed. When you take into account elements like condensation too and what this means for mould growth, it’s safe to say that a properly designed, installed and maintained ventilation system plays a vital role when it comes to your business’s success and finances. It’s why you should contact our team at K & R Ventilation.

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We can provide the perfect ventilation system for your business. Call now on 07946 075110!

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