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Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Extraction system installation

Help protect your workplace environment with an extraction system installation from our team at K & R Ventilation in Glasgow. We operate all across the area. Enquire today.

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A complete extraction system solution

We provide a comprehensive, end-to-end service when it comes to kitchen extraction systems, incorporating everything from supply to installation. Every cog in that system is accounted for, from the canopy to the ducting, and any special alterations according to whether your units are electric or gas-based are covered as well. We carry out work across multiple sectors and employ cutting-edge equipment as well as hard-earned experience to deliver the right results for our clients. Our service also incorporates maintenance if required and given that we’re specialists in the trade, offer 24 hour availability and work in full accordance with established COVID-19 safety guidelines, we’re the professional, convenient and responsible service when it comes to kitchen extraction systems. Get in touch today.

Extract those contaminants

When it comes to commercial kitchens, you’re going to see a lot of contaminants polluting the air, from fumes to grease. Ensuring that the workplace remains a safe place to be – both for your staff and your customers – you need a way of getting all those contaminants out of the air so that it’s as clean and pure as possible. That’s where a kitchen extraction system plays its part.

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Keep your kitchen environment safe with an extraction system from K & R Ventilation. Call 07946 075110!

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